mental clarity space


Half Day and Full Day rentals are available for therapists who are already busy with a part-time/full-time job, but want to continue a private practice on the side. These options also help therapists who are just starting Private Practice and are building their practice or may not be ready for a full term lease. A monthly commitment is strongly recommended, but not required.

Rentals include:

    • Fully furnished office

Half Day Rental Options

AM – 8am to 12pm

PM – 12pm to 4pm

Evening – 4pm to 8pm

Full Day

8am to 8pm

If you are in need of a professional practice address, fax number, and/or mail service in order to start private practice and begin applying for State and County business licenses, a Virtual Office Space may be combined with Half Day and Full Day rental options.

*All space options must be reserved, subject to availability
Email info@mentalclarityspace.com for detailed pricing information